Theoretical courses

Theoretical courses, organized regularly by the school, are an integral part of the instruction, but are not however compulsory.

The complete course is spread over 5 evenings of 3 hours; but it is possible to register for a partial course.

Written information is given about a month before the start of the course or posted at the school office.

The subjects studied are:

  • Aerodynamics (1 x 3 hours)
  • Meteorology (1 x 3 hours)
  • Legislation (1 x 3 hours)
  • Flight practice (1 x 3 hours)
  • Material (1 x 3 hours)

The price of the 5 courses comes to Frs 150.- , the isolated course at Frs 35.- – and is not included in the basic package. The theory books as well as the exam preparation quiz are on sale at the school (around 80 Frs for both).

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