You don’t become a bird alone … It is in a school that the pupil is taken in hand and gradually brought to the stage of autonomous pilot according to the progression card recognized in all schools in Switzerland.

The Champoussin Paragliding School organizes courses for people interested in this sport. The future pilot has the possibility of establishing a first contact with his new hobby by registering for a half-day or an initiation day where he can make a first attempt to take off on a suitable slope. He may then decide to follow the training in 2 successive levels that the FSVL (Swiss Federation of Free Flight) prescribes.

In addition to practical training, the student receives theoretical instruction in the fields of aerodynamics, meteorology (and micro-meteorology), knowledge of the equipment, flight practice and the regulations concerning paragliding.

The first contact can also be made in a TANDEM flight, for which no minimum or maximum age is prescribed. An unforgettable memory.

What there is to know:

The minimum age for training is 14, with parental permission. A certificate is compulsory for the free practice of this sport. to pass the practical exam for obtaining the license, the minimum age is 16 years old.

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